The Meek

I remember back at OSU, my Junior year and tenth year with my third art college, I was a printmaking major but only enjoyed Intaglio. The first time I had to work in silkscreen I wasn't comfortable with the medium so instead of concentrating on substance I instead worked on control. I wasn't out to create that piece of art that would end world hunger or bring a halt to all wars like most young nieve art student are, no I just wanted to learn how to use this medium for something other then t-shirt designs. Once I finished my pretty little print it had to go up onto the dreaded "Wall of Humiliation" to be critiqued by a dozen future art school drop-outs and a Professor so demanding that most art students changed their area of concentration just to avoid having to be in one of his classes. After shredding the previous two students who's critique was before mine all eyes were on my little abstract print that contained a whole lot of nothing. Just shapes and colors. He looked at it and politely asked "What the hell is this? You want to be a serious artist and you put this crap up on my wall. Where do you go from here Mr. Keefer, tattoo art?"

Now OSU was my first experience with the "Art for art sake" mentality and after falling into his trap time and time again I refused to get into another "What is art" debate. I simply stated that I had never used this medium before and this is nothing more then an attempt to learn how to control the techniques needed to produce good silkscreen art. He looked at me and said,"Ok, I'll give you this one." He then went on to the next piece hanging beside mine and continued with his verbal lashings while all the students were looking at me and wonder how in the world did I just get away with that.

"The Meek" is nothing more then me trying to learn how to control several different mediums at once. I want to eventually get into freeze frame animation but I have never built a set, controlled lighting or created dolls or other objects used to create a three dimensional setting not to mention trying to learn micro photography. These photographs took almost 2 years to complete but that's only because it took a year and a half just to build the set and get everything ready to shoot. Thousands of shots were deleted because I was not able to control all aspects of the picture. I take my hat off to Ray Harryhousen and Tim Burton, this was the hardest art project I have ever attempted but after some of the photos started to look more like I had envisioned, this became the most rewarding. I know I will continue to work in this medium and in time I will try my hand at creating a short little 5 minute movie, but for now I present to you "The Meek".

A few plastic people who happened to survive another apocalyptic disaster.