Among the ways of managing the weight of recent global nastiness, you could turn off the news or find something else of comfort to focus on. Some find little comfort regardless. Since 9/11, artist Tom Keefer has been filled with “emotions of absolute uncertainty and confusion,” and they color the work he presents in a show this month at Studio Ash in the Garden District.

In his statement, Keefer refers to himself as “a post-9/11 artist.” His art doesn’t carry with it any political agenda, but rather general thoughts and strong sensations. Pulse, an assemblage of toys and found objects in ruins, lay out the chaos of a battlefield and covers any sign of affiliation to a country or cause in white paint because, as Keefer noted, “Man has been at war with himself since day one.” If you had to sum up in one word the human figures that rise and vaporize in the Daliesque pastels that otherwise fill the space, it would be “unsuspecting.” These are beautiful, but also seriously disquieting.

-Melissa Starker, Columbus Alive July 2004