Art and science sometimes contain a sense of wonderment.

That’s why a show at the Ohio Art League combining two areas might be a heady brew.

“The View from Dione” will open with Saturday evening’s Gallery Hop in the Short North.

Tom Keefer, a mixed media artist from Powell, decided to transform his musing into the exhibition.

Several years ago, he attended an art exhibition at Perkins Observatory at the south edge of Delaware. He came away impressed with the observatory, “a little building that I don’t think many people realize exists.” “I’m not a propeller-head, but I’ve always been fascinated with science, with the moon and planets.”

Art and science, Keefer suggests, has links back to the day of cave art.
Now there are missions to planets and their moons, “where we are sending in probes to explore and the images coming back are maybe extremely scientific but also suitable for art.”

Keefer’s show features paintings, sculpture and photographs of the heavens by 15 Ohio artist and seven photographers from the Columbus Astronomy Society.

A photo of the Horsehead Nebula will be hung along with a painting of the nebula, for example.

Part of the exhibition is installed at the Perkins Observatory, where a second reception will take place next week. “If everything works out, we’ll be able to see Saturn and Jupiter out of their big telescope,” Keefer said. “And if it rains, we’ll still have the art exhibition.”

The Dione mentioned in the show’s title is a moon of Saturn.
“The more I study the history of astronomy, I’m finding more of a connection between science and art,” Keefer said. “Both artist and scientist want discovery.”